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Treatments (Tax not include)

~ Sickness of body, fatigue feeling, detox  


1. BODY MASSAGE  45 minutes ¥5000

Back pain from the sole to the scalp back stiff shoulders etc.

Powered by mental relaxation technique using breathing method

It is not a skeleton remedy but a body preparation method without a burden on the body


2.BODY MASSAGE & herb steam course about 80 minutes ¥ 8,500 

herb steamed 35 minutes + body full body 45 minutes

The detox effect is outstanding



3. Stress care    30 minutes ¥ 4,000 for Asthenopia, headache etc.

Scapular to scalp care


4. Herb steam “Warm wood & 10 kinds of Herb”  ¥ 4000  35 minutes

For menopausal cold menstrual cramps and other women-specific troubles please try.

For 2 people at the same time 2500 yen / person per person

5. Power Tree Spa    70 minutes¥ 13.500 

It is care that can do slimming care and fatigue recovery at the same time.

6.OIL Massage      50min ¥8,000  

~ F A I C I A L ~

All the massages are included in the Chest  and the shoulder


1. Bioptron Course    ¥ 5,500 Approximately 50 minutes

(Light) light therapy

Cleansing ⇒ Ultrasonic cleaning ⇒ Bioprotron ⇒ Massage ⇒ Texture

Improve cell immunity and natural healing power Supplement the visible light of the sun in 8 minutes to the necessary amount of the day. Baby to the elderly Highly safe, regardless of age, effective for various symptoms such as blood circulation promotion

2 Placenta whitening / moisturizing course  ¥ 10,000 about 70 minutes

Cleansing ⇒ Ultrasonic cleaning ⇒ Massage ⇒ Mask ⇒ Cleansing

Course using placsnta cosmetics 


3. Meso collagen Introduction course Ⅰ  ¥ 8000 Approximately 70 minutes


Those wishing for immediate anti-aging

Cleansing ⇒ Ultrasonic cleaning ⇒ Bioptron ⇒ Introduction⇒ Massage ⇒ Texture

4. Meso collagen Introduction course Ⅱ ¥ 13,000 Approximately 85 minutes

Cleansing ⇒ Ultrasonic cleaning ⇒ Introduction ⇒ Massage ⇒ Mask ⇒ texture


** What is Collagen Introduction (Meso-therapy)

Collagen and other various beauty stock solutions are large molecules so far it was impossible to infiltrate the dermis behind the skin other than the method of injecting by injection or scratching the skin and penetrating the ingredients from that wound . Temporarily release the barrier with the site plasma path (the force of the electric pulse), electroporation to open the gap, electroporation (poration) to apply the beauty solution to the dermis using equipment applied to the esthetic esthetics You can rejuvenate your skin by introducing it. Also, treatments of eyes, mouths and lips which could not be treated until now can be treated, and anti-aging of the whole face can be done. Small face effect, lift up, wrinkle, spot, decrease in sagging, sagging pores, spiral lines, dry skin, bears under your eyes, acne scars (craters) can be expected to decrease.

5 Exuviance peeling care ¥ 10,000~ Recommended

Playing from the back of care skin supported by 66 countries Doctors Cosmetic peeling care The skin will change!

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